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Agri Clinic & Agri Business Center

Greenfield agri clinic and agribusiness center, in a private sector enterprises, which is sponsored by the government of india. Agriculture ministry and corporation through the scheme of agri clinic and agri business center supported by NABARD and SFAC through manage-Hyderabad. The center has conducted two activities separately



Consultancy Services (Agri Clinic)

Consultancy services

Agri Consultancy

Guide line to the farmer by directly farm visits complete investigation of insect pest and diseases

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Land Scaping

We handle truancy project of landscaping developing lands up to 50 acres,

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We provide online agriculture consultancy to a long distance farmers through the Email activity

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Agri Business

Seed Business

Seed business we supply all this crops seeds in our own brand name of green field

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Export Business

Export business we have our separate department for agriculture export.

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